Sanitary Check Valve

Stainless Steel Sanitary Check valves are typically installed to prevent the reversal of flow in a piping system where pumps or filters are installed. Sometimes sanitary check valves are used to maintain fluid and pressure within sections of a piping system.  

For example, here are four types of sanitary check valves:
Ball check valves: used for non-viscous and clean fluids where there will be some system backpressure (≥2 PSI) to ensure proper operation.
Y Ball check valves: used for dirtier fluids and fluids having higher viscosities.
Air Blow check valves: are used for larger piping systems for higher flow rates.
Air Relief check valves: are also used for larger piping systems and high flow rates, especially when there are space restrictions.
The material of construction would be either ss304 or ss316L.