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When choosing QILI GROUP as your business partner, you're cooperating with a Chinese-owned company that is very proud of comprehensive abilities from designing, manufacturing, all the way to sales and after service. QILI has been fighting for the good reputation of products MADE IN CHINA. Our team isn't only interested in providing products as service but also more interested in helping provide solutions to the technical problem or concerns you have encountered in sanitary fields. We have confidence in building a long-term relationship that centers around you with mutual benefits, fully matching your requirements and providing the essential support you need to keep your business and/or facility running smoothly.

   In 1999, a brave young man decided to be somebody thus he resolutely left his hometown, heading to Wenzhou—a city on the southern coast of China. The ambitious young man then got connected to the sanitary stainless steel business and can’t help falling in love with it. From 1999 to 2006, during the 8 years, he worked diligently, dedicated himself to the job, and learned a lot of technical knowledge. After becoming a senior technical engineer, he decided to start his own career, specializing in sanitary fittings and tubing with professional manufacturing techniques, providing superior sanitary stainless steel products to the whole world. This man is Mr. Zhu, the founder of QILI FLUID EQUIPMENT CO., LTD.

   In 2007, the first factory of QILI was established, starting with its first item—the handle of butterfly valves. With rapid development, QILI continued introducing world’s leading equipment and recruiting technical staff. Then we began producing more various kinds of sanitary fittings. At that time, we met our first foreign client and started our international trading business. Even more proudly to say, 10-years-past, QILI FLUID is still working with this client, having a good relationship, constantly providing him with the best quality, service, and solutions. Certainly, the business of the client has grown bigger and better, QILI helps and accompanies it to expand the market. Customer grows, QILI FLUID grows.

  At present, QILI products are exported to more than 60 countries. America, Canada, Russia, the UK, Germany, Australia, Spain, Sweden, Iran, Malaysia, New Zealand, South Africa, Bulgaria, Iceland, Mexico… and etc.

   Nowadays, QILI Group has 8 independent production workshops with a total of 395 employees, including 38 technical experts, 15 quality inspectors and 32 sales employees. The details are as follows:

Nowadays, QILI runs comprehensive manufacturing facilities with 8factories:

  • 1) Stainless Steel Plate Punching Workshop
  • 2) Forging Workshop (raw blanks of valves and Union)
  • 3) Forging Workshop (raw blanks of fittings)
  • 4) Tube fittings and Forming Workshop (Elbow /tee /reducer/cross)
  • 5) Valves Workshop (Ball Valve, Diaphragm Valve, Hose Tails, Pumps)
  • 6) Butterfly Valve, Check Valve, and other valves Workshop)
  • 7)Anhui factory covering an area of 30 acres,(3A CNC machine fittings and making custom fittings as well) 
  • 8)BPE fittings and BA fittings Workshop

In addition to the headquarter in Wenzhou, QILI also set up branches offices in Taiwan, Wuhan and Chongqing. QILI’s strong sales team has 36 members. All sales reps are fluent in English (some are capable of 2nd or 3rd foreign language), well trained with professional knowledge of stainless steel sanitary products so that to have good communication with customers and clients.

We understand as a business person, there are plenty of daily tasks. Dealing with multiple vendors means a huge portion of time to be spent. Dozens of quotations, extra shipping costs, long delivery time, and so on, above mentioned are burdens to you.

At QILI, we simplify your purchase process and shorten the lead times by providing the full range of pipe fittings for your selection at the most reasonable price for high-quality products. Through this, we can make you competitive.

Many of our customers simply send us a list of what they need. After that, we begin preparing the order immediately and then shipping only high-quality products at the best price. In this case, once you send out an inquiry, all you have to do is check the PI confirmed and then wait for your goods to arrive because we provide a one-stop service. Our job is to make yours easier and simpler, assisting you to be better in business.

Our team is committed to providing a wide selection of products with the best possible service. QILI’s grand vision is to FULFILL THE EMPLOYEE and THE CUSTOMERS.

QILI Group is keeping pace with the world! 



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Factory Introduction

Factory Introduction

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