Qili officially changing its name to Qili Holding Group Co., Ltd.

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Our president, Beckham, starts to learn the skill from 1999 as a CNC machine technician, after years, QILI Fluid Equipment was established with only 1 set of CNC machine.

Now in 2020, we have: 

  • 2 CNC Machining Workshops: 
    CNC Machine: 90 sets (foreign brands imported) 
  • 1 Forming & Polishing Workshop: 
    Sawing Machine: 2 sets
    250 Tone / 500 Tone Press Machine: 8 sets 
  • 1 Hot Forging Workshop: 
    Forging Machine: 8 sets
    (160 Tone*3 / 300 Tone*2 / 400 Tone*1 / 630 Tone*1 / 1000 Tone*1, forging all raw blanks used for valve bodies and fittings) 
  • 1 Tube Plant: 
    (12,000 square meters newly open in Anhui province)

QILI has grown bigger and better every day, from 6 employees at the beginning to 180 employees now within a few years, because we insist on our standard and keeping our promise of only provide stable-quality products to every single customer.

Qili Fluid Equipment Co., Ltd. for officially changing its name to Qili Holding Group Co., Ltd.

We will continue to do a good job of our products, expand our business scope, and improve our service quality.

Qili will always focus on sanitary fluid solutions and look forward to our cooperation and mutual growth!