Why does the centrifugal pump run idly?

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The idling of the centrifugal pump will cause great damage to the water pump, which may cause cavitation or damage the mechanical seal. Today, the master will work with everyone to explore the causes and hazards of the centrifugal pump idling.


The main impacts on the water pump are as follows:

(1) Due to a large amount of gas in the idling water pump, it is easy to cause cavitation and damage the pump body and flow parts;

(2) The mechanical seal or packing seal has no liquid lubrication, and dry grinding is extremely easy to cause wear;

(3) If the balance plate of the idling multi-stage centrifugal pump is not lubricated by anyone, the balance plate will soon be burnt and damaged;

(4) The water pump is idling and there is no liquid, the rotor parts and the pump body will heat up, and the temperature cannot be cooled. Thermal expansion and contraction can easily cause some gaps (such as seal rings) to seize.


(1) Deal with the various clearance positions of the centrifugal pump, expand it under allowable conditions to prevent seizure;

(2) Carry out special process treatment, tempering, heat treatment, etc. to the shaft of the centrifugal pump to improve the hardness, and use low-flexibility materials to prevent large swings and seizures during idling;

(3) Use mechanical seals and filler cavities that do not need to rely on liquid medium lubrication;

(4) Use enclosed self-lubricating bearings that do not require oil;

(5) Compared with other centrifugal pumps, the pump cavity of the horizontal self-priming centrifugal pump has an increased volume and has a place where water can be stored. Before the self-priming centrifugal pump works normally, the cavity must be filled with liquid. There is a period of self-priming before the operation. During this period of time, the air is continuously discharged out of the pump body. This period of time is partly idling;

(6) Set up an idling induction system. The water pump is monitored in real-time through modern equipment. When the centrifugal pump is idling, it immediately alarms and automatically shuts down to protect the safety of the unit.

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