Argentina friend visit Qili sanitary stainless steel fittings forging factory

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Argentina friend visit Qili sanitary stainless steel fittings forging factory

In this morning, we received a call from our customer to wenzhou.

At 9:30, waiting for the customer at the airport gate. He come from Argentina. 

Feeling well. The customer is very friendly and enthusiastic !

He need come back to Shanghai at 3:00 p.m.  So, we take him visit our forging factory first. 

sanitary stainless steel ferrule

Stainless Valve

Our friend taking the photos for our factory. (Looks like nice ~)

Valve factory

This just our forging factory. The works are working hard ! 

sanitary ferrule

Looks so hotttt....

forge short ferrule  stainless liner

short ferrule  stainless steel Long ferrule

  • OH . . Excuse me, the semi-finished product is always ugly ...

Next, let me show beautiful products to you. ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓

sanitary ferrule 3A 14WMP.png       stainless steel liner

stainless steel liner  sanitary stainless steel liner

(Woww...  So beautiful~~)Very good quality for you! Make your best decision to chooese us !

sanitary valve seal

Our friend visiting our workshop 

sanitary check valve

We have professional CNC team

Stainless Steel Fittingssanitary check valvecheck valve

We are talking our work plan with our friend. 

Sanitary Sight Glasssanitary butterfly valvesight glass

We have a happy lunch ! Many seafood. No photo to you. Afraid you will hungry ~

sanitary butterfly valve

Wenzhou Qili Fluid Equipment welcome to your visit ! We are friendly and have a nice service for you !

sanitary stainless steel fittingssanitary stainless steel fittings