Qili company annual meeting celebration

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2021 has left us, and 2022 is coming to us. Thanks to all my friends who grew up with Kili. In our anticipation, the Chinese New Year is getting closer and closer.

On January 14, 2022, with the theme of "cohesion, innovation, focus on customers, and common development", the 2021 annual event of Qili Holding Group was grandly held in the staff restaurant on the fifth floor of Chili Holding Group. 

Beckham, founder of Qili Group, delivered a speech, thanking many customers for their continuous support and company. It is precisely because of these excellent partners that Qili has developed so rapidly step by step. We are very grateful.

And reward employees who have made outstanding contributions to customers.

In the future, Qili will treat every customer with a more responsible attitude and help them grow and develop together to achieve a win-win situation.