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Sanitary Ss Pneumatic Flow Control Butterfly Valve

304SS, 304L, 316, 316L
Wave, straight
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Weld, flange, thread, clamped
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Sanitary Ss Pneumatic Flow Control Butterfly Valve
butterfly valve
pneumatic butterfly valve
sanitary butterfly valve
pneumatic valve
sanitary valve
Sanitary Ss Pneumatic Flow Control Butterfly Valve

Sanitary Ss Pneumatic Flow Control Butterfly Valve

Product Description

The series of this valve is a kind of sanitary pneumatic which are widely used in stainless steel pipeline system to control and regulate medium flow.

work principle:  

  • this kind of valve can be handled both by manual or an electric actuator ,and also can be handled by a pneumatic actuator.
  • Electric actuator or pneumator or pneumatic actuator is to covert the axial movement of piston to be 90 degree rotation of valve shaft.So that the valve can be open or close to achieve the requirment of control and open /close for the pipeline system.They have three type of actator: normally open (NO),normally closed (NC),air/air(A/A)


  • Steel parts: stainless steel 304,stainless steel 316L
  • Seal:silicone(VMQ) ,Fluoroelastomer(FPM), EPDM
  • Stanard Design: Various standards of valves can be provide can be provided to clients
  • Standard of valve: DIN/SMS/3A/ISO/IDF
  • Size: DN25-150&1"-6",
  • Medium: Beer, Dairy, Beverage, Pharmacy.

Qili can supply this pneumatic butterfly valve with weld end, clamp end, thread end and flange end connection. Requiring more detail information or catalog pls don't hesitate to contact us. For all our products, Qili can also produce according to ur drawing if ur Specification is out of our standard.

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