Sanitary Stainless Steel Manholes

This sanitary butterfly valve has a Squeeze-trigger lock on it and can be locked in 13 different positions. The handle is simply squeezed to rotate the valve gate and can be rotated 180° so it can be closed on either side. Butterfly valves can be cleaned in place as there are no pockets for nasties to hide. They are also lighter and more compact that Tri Clover Compatible ball valves. Made of 304 stainless steel. Since butterfly valves tend to be more of an on-off, ball valves tend to do a better job at controlling flow rates than Tri Clover Compatible butterfly valves. We usually recommend butterfly valves at vessel outlets and on fermenters and Tri Clover Compatible ball valves on pump outlets and vessle returns like mash tun sparge and vorlauf returns.Tc Sanitary Butterfly Valve Sanitary, find complete details about Tc Sanitary Butterfly Valve Sanitary, sanitary stainless steel, tri clamped, butterfly valve - Wenzhou Qili Fluid Equipment Co.,ltd.
SS304, SS316L
Pharmacy, beer, food, dairy, brewing, beverage, water treatment and chemical industry
Connection ways:
Sales Models:
wholse or retail
Surface Treatment:
Mirror polish, Brushed finish
Seal Material:
VMQ, EPDM,CMQ,FPM,silicone
Transport Package:
Sanitary Stainless Steel Manholes
Sanitary Stainless Steel Manholes Sanitary Stainless Steel Manholes Sanitary Stainless Steel Manholes Sanitary Stainless Steel Manholes Sanitary Stainless Steel Manholes


Description Sanitary Stainless Steel  Manholes
Body Material Stainless Steel 304; Stainless Steel 316L (Forged, 1.4301/1.4404)
Actuator Material Stainless Steel 304
Seal Material EPDM, VMQ(Silicone), NBR(Nitrile), VITON, all meet FDA standard 
Temperature Range 15°F to 200°F(-9.4°C to 93°C) EPDM
Max. Pressure 10bar (140psi) DN25 ~ 100; 8bar (120psi) DN125 ~ 150 
Finishing Ra 16 ~ 32µin (0.4 ~ 0.8µm) electropolish available
Port Size 200-600mm
Connection Tri-clamp ferrule; Threaded; Welded
Connection Standard 3A , SMS , ASME BPE, ISO, DIN, BS
Features 100% hydraulic tested / 100% inspected
Specifications Can see our products catalogues
Application Food process, Milk process, Beer brewage, Bio-pharmacy, etc.
Packaging Carton packaging. Wooden case packaging.


Our sizes ( 1" -- 6" ) valve is designed with (4) four positions so you can slowly open the valve and create less stress on the valve seat versus the open and close style of valve. Upon opening the valve, you have the option of two other positions for more or less flow depending on your needs. Since the valve comes standard with a clamp end, it is easy to assemble and disassemble when cleaning or working in a tight space. We have provide a Black or blue Ball attached to the pull handle and interchangeability of the Handle to either side when placed in an area where a wall could be a problem and you can not open and close the valve. QILI's Clamp Four Position Butterfly Valve is 100 percent Hydraulic Pressure Tested and 100 percent inspected, no special tools needed in the field to work on the valve, Silicone seats are standard. Check out the line space of each size of the valve and you will see that it matches with a few of the major competitors. As for the finish and all wetted surface, the sanitary finish is to a 25 Ra or better. We have each valve capped and bagged so you have no dings on the ends as well as permanently etching the size, alloy and heat number for full trace ability.